Write it. Hone it. Perform it. From page to stage. Jane Morris conducts a solo performance workshop that takes your work from idea to staging, to performing. The class works with actors and writers at any level of the process, whether you’re just getting started, or you feel almost ready to mount a whole solo show. Look at your work from various angles, as a personal story, as satire, as action, as dialogue.

You’ll have the opportunity to rehearse and perform your work at the fanaticSalon whenever you’re ready!

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Move. Read. Play. Jeff Michalski is forwarding improv and acting to the next evolutionary level.

Jeff Michalski has taught all forms of improvisation for over twenty years, as well as developed his own long-form techniques. He has performed across the United States, Canada, and Ireland in theatres and nightclubs and has directed Second City companies in Chicago, Los Angeles, Kilkenny, and Toronto. Founder of the Second City ETC, he also helped create the Second City Training Program in Chicago and Los Angeles.

As a producer, director and performer, he has worked with Dan Castellaneta, Chris Farley, Amy Sedaris, Mike Meyer, Steven Colbert, Ryan Stiles, and many more.

$30 per class

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Improv for Teens with Ruth Rudnick

Mondays at 4:30PM

Improv For Teens is now available on the
Westside! Taught by Second City Chicago
alum Ruth Rudnick, classes will focus on
improvisational games and scene work to
strengthen confidence and listening skills
on stage. We will create a “team”
environment and when comfortable, will
do performance events for friends and
family. All while having fun!

$35 per class

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