Jeff and Monika recently toured their WePolak show through the World Comedy Expo — the veritable Eurovision of comedy.  Here are some receipts, photos and descriptions of the show, with a bonus interview below.


It took a pandemic to bring Warsaw born Polak Monika Ozdarska and Chicago born Polak Jeff Michalski into the same virtual ZOOM room. Monika interviewed Jeff for her improv podcast The Art of Yes. Inspired by each other’s stories they decided to create WePolak. Their adventure has started virtually and now you’ll be able to see their first meeting on the real stage (or NON VIRTUAL STAGE), real festival, real space and see their real in person engagement! What comes out of it? Come and see the Chicago improv legend playing with European improvisers and check what’s funny in this InterContinental exchange! WePolak long-form show represents an artful montage of playful, wise exploration of relationships sparkled with existential philosophy, performed with creative intimacy characteristic of improv masters. An additional, unique element of the WePolak initiative is a demonstration of the inclusive power of improv as it effectively applies across the language and cultural differences.

Jeff michalski, we polak, world comedy expo

we polak, world comedy expo

we polak, world comedy expo


Here’s Jeff’s interview with Monika on The Art of Yes Podcast in 2020.

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