A legendary musical improviser showed up as a surprise guest in a legendary musical improv show.  Wayne Brady was a surprise cast member in Opening Night, a Sunday night musical extravaganza at the Fanatic Salon.  In a show with heavy Greek mythology themes, Wayne Brady played a stately Zeus.


According to showrunner, Shulie Cowen, here were the loose details:

“The show was called “Flash Flood”. Set in ancient Greece, a town has only 15 survivors because of a horrible drought. Zeus (Wayne Brady) sends a man (Chris Grace) on a quest to fight 3 demigods. When achieved, Zeus will make it rain in their town. A subplot between Zeus and his son Testacles (Jonathan Mangum) to find a peace between them, Testacles helps the man complete his quest (Meeting Persephone (Shulie Cowen) and fighting a Minotaur (Norm Thoeming and Hilary Rowe), a Colossus, and a siren) and Zeus fulfills his promise to make it rain, saving the town. You know the story, it’s as common as a bad roommate scene.”


Opening Night will return on May 28th.



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